According to a recent study by the Mortgage Banking Association’s Tolerance and Call Volume Survey, the loan portfolio fell 7% from 2.28% last week. MBA, 1.1 million homeowners in maintenance projects.

The credit share of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac patiently dropped the score to 5 points together. Ginnie Mae’s creditworthiness fell from 5 to 2.72% and the creditworthiness of loans and personal payments fell from thirteen to 5.21%. The share of subordinated loans (IMBs) fell by eight percentage points last week to 2.49 percent and the share of mortgages by five percentage points to 2.11 percent.

“After the first two weeks of decline, part of the debt continued patiently but gradually. The decline also slowed in the middle of the month,” Mike said. Fratantoni, MBA Under Secretary and CEO economist. “The introduction of the patient loan is much better and more than 25% of the patient loans currently being applied for will be approved and extended, but most homeowners will reach the end of 18 months. Delayed or changed.”

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