In addition, 5,595 houses have received the department’s NOC, but they still need to provide fire extinguishing systems as well as fire extinguishers for RTI Abhay Kolarkar inquiries.

NAGPUR: The fire and emergency department of Nagpur City Council found that 1341 high-rise buildings were built without a certificate of refusal (NOC). “The installation of a fire extinguishing system in this multi-story building is required by Maharashtra fire safety laws,” said Rajendra Uchake, fire chief.

In addition, 5,595 houses have received NOCs from the department, but the fire protection system is still in place, and the fire department has also answered questions from RTI’s opponent Abhay Kolarkar. According to the department, almost all the residents and property owners mentioned were deported.

Institutions, industrial buildings, and meeting rooms (including weddings/courtyards, etc.) are major violations as the owners of these infrastructures do not have NOCs at the time these buildings are constructed, he said.

There are 1341 dangerous buildings in the city, of which 117 are residential, 273 educational institutions, 67 hospitals, 249 convention houses, 7 shops, 125 commercial buildings, 274 industrial buildings, 31 warehouses, 51 dangerous buildings, 119 affiliated buildings, and 29 hotels and boarding houses.

RTI’s responses showed that out of 5,595 homes, the main reason for not installing fire extinguishing systems was residential buildings, followed by a conference and industrial buildings. A brigade investigation found that there were no firefighters in the entire city around 1,466 homes. Similarly, Maharashtra’s fire safety laws have violated 854 convention halls, 665 factories, and 495 hospitals by failing to install safety equipment.

The 1341 and 5595 house fire departments reported 3,061 people who reported the fire as mild and asked them to comply with Maharashtra fire safety and health regulations (MFPLSM). Following this process, the department reported that the 1895 building was in danger, and announced the results of the RTI.

In line with the implementation of the MFPLSM law, MSEDCL’s water and electricity communications department has issued guidelines to Orange City for 1,030 homes. He also sought help from the city police in evacuating 177 homes after the owners did not respond to information given to them. The department also delivered TEMAN to 223 homeowners, which was also reported by RTI.

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