People living in rented apartments in Devon could earn thousands of pounds by reducing the size, a council said.

West Devon City Councils (WDB) supported the move to address the shortage of affordable housing for families.

It aims to offer a flat rate payment of £ 1,000 plus £ 500 per room to tenants moving into a smaller house.

It would apply to insured tenants of rental apartments.

The move is intended to encourage couples and people to stay in larger apartments after relatives have moved or relatives die to find smaller housing.

Consultants have found that moving can be difficult, stressful, and costly, especially for the elderly, and that it often carries an emotional, practical, or financial burden, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

The Devon County Council chairman said last week that Devon was experiencing a “housing crisis” due to rising house prices and a lack of rental apartments.

The incentive is offered to people who live in apartments with two or more bedrooms and wish to move to an apartment with at least one bedroom less.


This means, for example, that a couple wishing to move from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment will receive £ 2,000.

The money will be released when the owner confirms to the real estate company that the naming rights for the vacated property will be returned to the WDB.

If local pressure is found on an existing property, a discretionary payment can raise the price to £ 5,000.

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