Liberal Secretary Vasant Prabhat said the assistance was initiated because many residents expressed a lack of access to the procedure after many questions arose.

PUNE: The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has set up a local call center or desk to assist home buyers with various activities. The toll-free numbers 1800 2103770 and 022-69157100 are open from 7 to 23 daily, including Sundays and public holidays.

Liberal Secretary Vasant Prabhu said assistance had already begun because many residents expressed a lack of access to the procedure after numerous questions were recorded.

The team was selected to address these issues with residents, helping them figure out how to submit their complaints on the website or check hearing dates or other registration issues. “A lot of information is provided to help. If there are residents who want to understand the problems, the research team will help them,” Prabhu explained.

Ramesh Prabhu, president of the MahaRERA Social Welfare Association, said the event would benefit residents who are not familiar with the work of RRERA. “Most of our people have tried calling toll-free numbers and found it useful. This is one of the best practices during an illness. Residents can contact the MahaRERA support team before it ends the project and assess the status of the project.

According to free officials, the assistance also helps people file complaints led by callers.

Manjunath Kakkalameli, a lawyer in the Supreme Court, told TOI that even if he is regularly checked in an emergency, the paramedic will assist prosecutors.

Section (3) of the Construction and Development Act 2016 (Administration and Development Law) regulates the operation of the website through the project system.

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