the additional burden on homebuyers in the middle of the pandemic

On June 14, the government additional burden increased the mortgage loan by placing a mortgage on 0.5% of the loan against the previous Rs1, 000 levies.

NAGPUR: additional burden Not only was the stake removed after the Covid accident was eliminated, but the bill has also risen recently as entrepreneurs and business owners.

On June 14, the additional burden government increased the mortgage loan by placing a mortgage on 0.5% of the loan against the previous Rs1, 000 levies. Even if the maximum limit of Rs15, 000 is maintained, even a consumer loan of Rs10 lakh should take R55, 000 as a surprising price. This is five times the regular price.

Mortgage loans must be approved for office building registration if a mortgage loan is granted. This indicates that the more or bank is a more. The goal is to prevent theft.

It is expected to be annoying, especially for home buyers, that financial advisors offer credit services.

Now not only is the treadmill back to normal but there is another burden on home buyers. Even though the debt was closed at Rs15, 000, which is too much money for real estate agents, they are already struggling to raise funds, said Deepak Trivedi, a consultant. Financial institutions offer home loan services.

The average house price is around Rs40 lakh. Consumers often spend Rs30 lakh to support sales, Treves said.

The Rs40 lakh school building carries an initial tax of Rs2.40 lakh of 6%. There is also a registration fee, which is 1% of the fee or R30, 000 regardless of the amount. Both parties were carrying a load of Rs2.70 lakh of Rs40 lakh items. The mortgage rate of 0.2% has risen to 0.3% since April. It adds another Rs9, 000, bringing the whole to Rs2.79 lakh.

The current increase in the amount paid in the property sales agreement for a loan is Rs30 lakh, the maximum amount to be paid is Rs15, 000.

Trivedi explained: “Oscar’s debt of Rs20 lakh, up to Rs10, 000, is a lot of money for a small or medium buyer to buy houses.”

On December 31, 2020, player performance returned to the original level of 6% from 3% in September last year. The functionality has been reduced to make it easier to buy during Covid. This program has been gradually removed. Now not only is work back to normal but there is also another burden, he said.

Anil Nair, president of the Nagpur branch of the Association of Real Estate Developers of India (CREDAI), said prices had risen even without a market.

And development costs rose 4% from 2% previously. Increasing home taxes can reduce stress.

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