“Depending on demand, farmers could lose over $ 40 billion, through regulators, employee debt, auditors, etc.

CHENNAI: The Madras Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Indian Defense and Exchange Commission (SEBI) to approach PIL to demand Madras an investigation into the bank’s suspected actions. Adviser to Housing Money Corporation Ltd (DHFL). Madras Former Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Judge Senthilkumar Ramamo pantas ordered the notice to be returned to SEBI on July 13.

The scope of the case sees the developer as “a major commodity in the country’s financial markets,” the court said.

“According to the courts, suppliers could lose more than $ 40 million, through regulators, employee liability, auditors and others who must monitor and evaluate the practices of DHFL, egg incompetence,” said the president.

In her PIL request, Myla pore Ranger prayed that the city would be led by SEBI to fulfill its legal obligations and take action in front of its representative on June 15 following SEBI (Theft of Trade and Preferential Prevent), SEBI (Information and Security Policy), Security and Protection Policy (Rules), SEBI Rules (Action Report and Disclosure) are read by the Security Council and the policies and regulations set out below.

He requested SEBI to provide intelligence-based training and exercise training required under Defense Council of India, 1992 and SEBI (Rules on Prohibition of Fraud and Injustice. Arising from ‘a theft by the wrong part, if DHFL and its key personnel.

In court, he invested $ 30 million to purchase the prescribed loans offered by DHFL. But the company did not repay the loan or repay the investor, according to the plan.

The author said that the theft at DHFL was one of the biggest events in Indian history and lost investors as well as the general public who lost hope and confidence in investing in debt.

Therefore, these visits to places most important to students and principals must continue under the provisions of the SEBI Act of 1992 to assess the size of the energy available SEBI, as a program.

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