LED lighting

Goyal said the program will help increase revenues by 25-75% in the AC sector and 40-45% in LED lighting.

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the government approved a comprehensive plan to promote household appliances – airplanes and LEDs – with a total budget of SEK 23,238.

The petition was approved by the General Assembly, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Minister of Trade and Industry Piyush Goyal said the approval of the AC and LED lighting project will increase domestic production.

The main objective of the program is to make Indian factories more globally competitive by eliminating body parts, creating a manufacturing economy, and striving for quality.

It aims to build the entire ecosystem of India and make India an integral part of the global supply chain. The plan aims to attract global investment, create more jobs and promote foreign policy.

“PLI’s home appliances are expected to increase the deficit by four to six percent from increased sales of products made in India to companies operating for five years.” Official statement.

Companies were selected for this program to encourage the creation of small units or assemblies that are not available in India.

The only explanation he gives is that all the results are confusing.

“Businesses that are starting to acquire different parts of the organization can participate in this program. The expansion should be open to businesses in the field or vendors of green space,” he said, increasing revenue and sales. Older products should be happy with the use of freebies.

According to him, the plan is expected to work effectively to achieve the current growth of the AC and LED lighting industry, to develop applications that will help preserve nature in India and build a global infrastructure in India.

They must meet the BIS (Indian Bureau Standards) and BEE standards sold in the national market and set the conditions for the global market.

The program, designed over five years, will result in an additional investment of SEK 7,920, an increase in production of SEK 1,68,000, an export value of SEK 64,400, and direct and indirect investments. it creates more direct and indirect jobs.

Goyal said the program will help increase revenues by 25 to 75 percent in the AC sector and 45 percent in LED lighting.

Thirteen branches are expected to have approximately 13 lakh crore products that will benefit PLI’s revenue over the next five years, he said.

The budget in June 2021-2022 announced that the SEK 1.97 million plan for the Network Development Promotion Plan (PLI) has been launched for thirteen elements of sports planning and job creation.

“This means India’s lack of success due to PLI programs targeting $ 500 million over five years,” the statement said.

The program currently consists of six components – technology / electronic equipment; medicine; Telecommunication and communication equipment; Purpose; white matter; and an advanced PV module.

The other four – cars and car parts; advanced chemical cells (ACC); Precious metal material – ready for cabinet approval.

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