“Construction sites must protect the environment and avoid waste. They must build a landfill in the area and work to dispose of the waste,” a KMC official said.

KOLKATA: The daily waste system requires the creation of sites for recycling and recycling of waste and other wastes up to 20 tons.

The Bengali case of the Union of Real Estate Manufacturers of the Legal Team of Calvary accepted the request and agreed to comply.

“Construction sites must protect the environment and avoid waste. Kolkata They need to build a landfill in the area and work to create a clean slate,” the KMC office said.

Disposal involves cork and gravel fireproof concrete bricks. Instead of wasting it, it can be used to build roads. The Advertising Commission will continue to dispose of waste from small projects, but this waste will not be disposed of. In this area, KMC is developing a waste disposal system that can be used as a raw material for construction materials.

KMC plans to build a landfill for the Rajarhat government. It holds 500 tons of waste per day. Wood compresses waste because the leaves can be mixed with cement to make tea. About 55 million krooni will be used in the Rajarhat building, which will be donated to an independent company over 10 years.

There is also a vegetable garden at Bindu Reach, which helps to recycle and recycle waste from construction sites in the south and southwest of Kolkata. “We’re really looking for a place to create improved jobs. We eventually moved to two places. We hope to start this project soon,” the Driving Department said. KMC.

Many building materials and construction waste can be recycled. Cement and dirt are also used in the manufacture of cement products. Wood can also be used as a joinery engineer. Minerals such as iron, copper, and brass are also important in recyclable materials.

Belgian President Nandu Belani welcomed the change. “This will significantly reduce the burden on waste collection and help us recover from waste. Such projects have already started in Indore and we fully support their adoption in Kolkata,” he said.

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