The prestigious 188-year-old store closed in May after the COVID-19 revolution and had to close nearly 800,000 stores.

BENGALURU: J.C Penney Co., Inc. On Monday, the sales and transaction results will leave Chapter 11 as the primary asset, Simon Property Group, and Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

The eighty-eight-year-old spring was acquired in May after temporarily shutting down the COVID-19 virus for eight hundred and fifty stores.

J.C. work Penney’s buildings and warehouse were moved to real estate.

CEO Jill Soltau said JC Penney’s reputation will continue to serve its customers.

After the sale, the company will receive up to $ 5 billion, he said.

The logistics company, which includes 160 real estate stores and all distribution facilities, is expected to complete the roadways and even disrupt the security seen in the first half of 2021.

“We … are happy to help maintain a unique reputation and secure hundreds of thousands of jobs,” said David Simon, Simon’s Chief Executive Officer.

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