Advisors from the Isles of Scilly have decided to buy a property that will be converted into affordable housing to help tackle the housing crisis.

The former host of St. Mary’s was on the market for £ 745,000.

Councilor Tim Dean said the advice was a way to try to alleviate the housing crisis.

The Isles of Scilly Council is considering building affordable housing but has decided to buy the property as a “short-term move to help the needy”.

There are currently around 60 families on the council’s waiting list, said the Senior Housing Member of the Isles of Scilly Council.

He said housing is “always a problem here” and to have a house “you need a lot of money and the wages here are low”.

“As in Cornwall, we have a shortage of property in the private rental market for workers, keywords or anyone who lives here, converted into vacation homes or sold to get the most out of the market.”

Lack of rent

The property, which includes a main four-bedroom house and a separate two-bedroom annex, is slated to be converted into three affordable units by the community, the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) said.

The proposed solutions included plans to redevelop the old high school site and build 12 self-built houses in the historic center, Dean said.

A report by the Cornwall and Islands Executive Group said: “Housing is an area where the effects of the pandemic are widespread.”

Rising house prices and increased domestic tourism have resulted in many private vacation rental owners being sold or relocated, leading to “a serious shortage in the private rental sector and subsequent increases in rental costs,” according to the report.

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