Investec says it has offered London-based real estate developer Style & Space $ 198 million to fund a residential and business development program in Earlsfield, south-west London.

The development, which will be completed in December 2022, will consist of seventeen high-quality dwellings, a combination of two- and three-room apartments, all of which will benefit from a hidden outdoor terrace and/or balcony. 13,400 square feet a retail unit not yet supplied to Marks by Spencer; and 17,500-foot industrial lighting, distribution, and office space suitable for a variety of finalists.

The breakthrough is home and just a 2-minute walk from Earlsfield Station, which connects London to Waterloo in 12 minutes. The area is one of London’s most sought-after young professionals and small families, attracted by the abundance of greenery and an increasingly diverse mix of local retailers, restaurants, and bars.

Ian Burdett, of Investec Real Estate, said: “This is a mixed company that will increase the visibility of our London credit card with its components – residential real estate, light industry, and convenience stores – over the past two years. With Style & Space to make those plans and prospects a reality. ”

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