Gopalakrishnan, the current chairman of Axilor Ventures, which had been investing in the early days, bought two buildings in Mangangamangala’s third building.

BENGALURU: Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan has bought two houses in Bangalore’s Koramangala district for $ 76 million, according to documents found on Zap key real estate portal.

Gopalakrishnan, the current chairman of Axilor Ventures, the first investor, bought two buildings in the third building in Mangangamangala. Known as a billionaire’s paradise, the site includes residents like Infosys President Nandan Mililani, Narayan Health Devi Shetty, and the founder of Flipkart Bansals.

Gopalakrishnan declined to comment on the transaction. According to registers, 10,162 square meters of land was purchased by SGK Investment Trust of Gopalakrishnan from Bikaner House Ltd.

The market value was Rs 39,363 per square foot, which turned out to be Rs 40 million for sale. Saved in June. The second product, valued at $ 36 million, was made in April. It is 9,600 square feet and is sold by Joseph Thomas.

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