The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said monthly housing prices in the country increased in March, from 59 to 52 March.

LONDON: Finance Minister Rishi Sumac’s sudden hike in tax cuts last month has boosted the property market, according to his survey in China.

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, monthly housing prices in the country will increase in March, from March 59 to March 52.

Other sources in the UK mortgage market suggest that the mortgage market has declined for the tax period known to end in March.

But Sunk increased its tax rates last month, saying for the first time a new law was passed to consumers who are unable to pay large sums of money.

“The results of a recent RICS survey show that the Chancellor’s ability to increase and reduce downturn will strengthen the housing market and the quality of all jobs available. heaven, ”said RICS Prime Minister Simon Robinson economy

He also said that the rising balance between supply and demand is also driving up housing prices, with 60% of respondents expecting inflation in the next 12 months following.

According to RICS, there is also a sign that consumer demand in the hair market is gaining momentum, and it is expected that prices will rise for the coming years across the country, excluding London.

Sunk called the stamp cuts last year a quick move to help the economy with the outbreak of the virus. The demand for large assets has resulted in the growth of the UK real estate market over the past year.

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