The banking company, which has a credit portfolio of 46% of the IIFL loan, has gained experience in real estate lending, which has now become a good competitor.

MUMBAI: IIFL Housing Finance wants to work with banks to grow its gas business. The independent company has worked with Standard Chartered Bank and the central bank and is talking to another state-owned bank.

The Housing Finance banking company, which holds 46% of IIFL’s debt, has gained experience in lending affordable housing, which has become a good regulator.

Speaking to the TOI, Monu Ratra, CEO of IIFLHF, said that while PSU’s Housing Finance credit banking business continues to be supportive, its company uses technology and employs employees with the ability to read and improve employee performance. . .

“Once you’ve done a lot of trading, simplifying it requires a lot of skill. We don’t use external software. We have a team of 100 teams. Let’s improve our forms.” This allows us to plan faster. A lot has been invested in this and it took time before this money could build a channel for us,” Ratra said.

By creating digital signatures, IIFLHF has partnered with several end-to-end networks that support KYC operations, read text messages through OCR (optical recognition) and other functions. These computer systems allow HFCs to produce generators and electronic consumer boards. A Housing Finance company can grow its website without spending a lot of money.

Ratra says state-owned banks are better than SBI without another PSB with a loan of more than a million laws. At the same time, demand for vacant space increased with industrial mergers.

That’s why they want to work with people like us to make this business happen,” Ratra said. The Reserve Bank of India agreed to join them three years ago to protect lenders from the low-interest rates of good banks and financial institutions.

Although the average loan interest rate was 18.5 million, IIFLHF managed to cover 1.5% of the value of the message.

According to the combined RBI model, the banking company is the only loan used by the customer, while the loan is split between the bank and NBFC. Banks can take up to 80 percent of the loan and repay their mortgages.

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