“We have agreed with Goel Ganga Corporation to build approximately 2.4 million Pune Kharadi sites,” said Hines India MD and Head of Government Amit Diwan.

NEW DELHI: American real estate agency, Hines, has partnered with Goel Ganga Corporation to build a state-of-the-art office in Pune for $ 1,200.

Hines, a strong building and independent building, entered India in 2006 and has so far raised more than $ 400 million on major projects in the city.

“We have agreed with Goel Ganga Corporation to build approximately 2.4 million Pune Kharadi sites,” said India MD and Head of Government Amit Diwan.

Hines signed a draft plan, he said.

“This is our ninth performance in India and marks our entry into Pune stores,” Diwan said.

The company moved to Mumbai in 2017, Bangalore in 2019 and now Pune said the plan is to strengthen and deepen the interior of each city.

Goel Ganga covers 43 hectares of land, and 15 to 20 hectares were used to produce 2.4 meters.

“We have already started project work on this project. Construction will begin in the middle of the new year,” Diwan said, adding that the project will begin by the end of the New Year.

Hines will contact its clients around the world to build larger facilities for this project.

According to him, the 2.4-million-meter-foot program should be completed in the next four years.

Regarding the investment, they said construction costs could reach $ 1,200 million.

Hines does not pay for this service. Goel Ganga Corporation supported this initiative with inland waters and bank loans.

Divan said the salary of the maximum office space in the area is Rs 75-90 per square meter per month.

The package is available at SBD (Secondary School of Business) East Pune supermarket, has more than 50 percent Pune Class A products, and is one of the best available in town.

Consolidating 43 hectares of land with a potential growth rate of 7 million mm, Diwan said after exploring the 4-million-square-foot area, the pair will still explore the possibility of improving cohesion.

In India, Hines has completed two major projects in Gurugram – One Horizon Center, a joint venture between DLF Properties and Sky view Corporate Park, in partnership with Shyam Telecom.

The American company crashed two projects, selling its interests.

Hines is currently building three residential plans. He collaborated with Tata Housing to design 750 housing projects in Serein houses in Mumbai.

Another 1,500 houses are being built in Bengaluru National Park, to be renovated along with Shapoorii and Palling Real Estate.

Hines also plans with Conscious Equipment to build a “Lift” project for the Gurugram power plant, at an estimated cost of 1,500.

All three construction projects will be completed in 2023-24.

In March last year, Hines acquired 33 percent of DLF’s sale program near “Atrium Place” in Gurugram for 6.5 billion crores.

DLF and Hines are having a large business on the 11.76-hectare site in Gurugram, which was sold in an independent sale led by the Haryana government in February 2018 for nearly 1,500.

Last year, Hines worked with a DNA team in Bangalore to build an IT office space and to build 0.7 million feet.

Founded in 1957, Hines is located in 27 cities in 27 cities. It manages a debt of controlled assets worth one hundred and eight hundred dollars.

The Hines upgraded, renovated, or acquired 1,450 buildings in an area of   more than 450 miles. Ft. The company is currently working on more than 188 global development projects.

Goel Ganga Corporation, announced by outgoing Director Jaiprakash Ji Goel, is the leading building developer in Pune and has built and sold 30 million millimeters over the past 40 years.

The company, led by Amit Goel, president, and CEO, is building 25-million-square-foot residential and retail systems. By 2023, 20 million square feet of space will be added.

The company is also based in Bangalore and Nagpur.

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