“PMDA will ensure the growth and development of Panchkula’s. The system will work in the same way as Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA),” Khattar said in a statement.

PANCHKULA: Panchkula Prime Minister Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday announced the establishment of the Panchkula’s Metropolitan Development Authority (PMDA), making it the third-largest city since Gurugram and Faridabad found such a corpse.

He also shared the government’s plans to link the Panchkula’s district to Chandigarh, an important place for the development of business, tourism, and sports facilities.

“PMDA will ensure the growth and balance of growth of Panchkula’s. The system will work in the same way as Panchkula Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA),” Khattar said in a statement.

The system, while working in conjunction with other departments like Haryana Sheri Visas Pradhikaran, HSIIDC, and the municipality, will ensure that people have access to resources and other vital departments.

To ensure that state residents, as well as Panchkula’s residents, are aware of the planned development for the city, a multi-stakeholder workshop (Panchkula’s) was piloted. Close and combined a detailed database of completed projects and Panchkula’s major activities carried out throughout the city.

Khattar told reporters that after Panchkula’s, a common policy will be developed for Karnal, Hisser, Rohtak, and other areas of government.

He said work on the roads connecting Chandigarh and Panchkula’s International Airport was already underway. To this end, work is underway for the construction of a bridge over the Gagger River.

Also, construction of the airport in Pinjore is underway. Near completion, people will enjoy the airport at the service center, starting with tourist destinations like Shimla, Dharamshala, Kula, ”he said.

Khattar said Panchkula’s was the first city planned by Haryana and since 1972 when the first stage of town planning was prepared for his city, it has seen many Panchkula gradual changes from key to modern times, then infrastructure development.

He indicated that he has decided to lower the development allowance (EDC) and the integrated development center (IDC) along with Mohali and Zirakpur.

Taking urban development to another level, most costs and taxes have fallen by almost one-third in the Panchkula’s area, lowering them to the weaving level of Panchkula’s Mohali and Zirakpur, he said.

The Prime Minister announced that to develop Panchkula’s-like chemistry, two large hospitals, and modern health clinics will be opened in section 32 and sector-5C.

The first Panchkula government building of a laboratory for food and medical research in the Panchkula-3 district was opened for 22 crores.

Khattar said special efforts were being made to establish a city center in Panchkula’s and for this, a situation had already been reached in Chandimandir.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is based on Section 23 here.

As Panchkula’s is the gateway to Himachal Pradesh, the national government should make it a center of trade and commerce, Khattar said.

Sharing his plans to develop Morin Hill in the region as a popular tourist destination, he said: “We set up paragliding on Morin to develop Panchkula’s as a tourist center. The marriage will start there in time. Yoga on June 21.

He said that to encourage climbing, the trips will be done in a way that allows children to reach their destinations at night.

He said: “A state-of-the-art museum in the 5th Department of Panchkula’s has been established to inform the public the good news of Haryana’s history.”

Khattar also pointed out that Pinjore development is one of the key elements of Panchkula’s integrated development strategy and for this, a comprehensive urban film development strategy is being implemented.

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