Rangeford Villages maintained the site by planning to create a new Green Light Integrated Retirement Community for over 60 residents in the village of Stapleford; a well-known suburb of the Great Cambridge area. Scheduled for construction in the spring/summer of 2023, the 13-acre site boasts a selection of apartments and bungalows and will offer the surrounding area a new 47-acre rural park.

The owner of the national park hopes to be handed over to the Magog Trust, with funding from Rangeford to enable new owners to set up the park and preserve the land as a natural environment that can be enjoyed by Green Light Rangeford residents, locals, and visitors alike.

Howard Nankivell, CEO of Rangeford Villages, adds: “Like most UK residents, the Cambridge area is facing a severe shortage of modern housing for more than 60 people our home, we are glad to be able to introduce the Rangeford Villages lifestyle in this part of the UK.

When complete, the home will have a set of useful features and accessories. Residents will benefit from empowering socks to improve energy efficiency, electric charging points, large seating, dining, hairdressing, and a beauty salon as well as a local lounge for events and events.

The new area also boasts a wide variety of outdoor areas including landscaped gardens, lawn with croquette, potty and raised beds, beehives, and a woodshed.

As in the past, Rangeford Homes have financial support from Octopus Real Estate, part of the Octopus Group, and invest in healthcare facilities in the UK and Ireland. The partnership established between Rangeford Villages and the Octopus Real Estate has already led to four integrated civic houses in the UK: Wadswick Green in Wiltshire, Mickle Hill in North Yorkshire, Siddington Park in the Cotswolds, and the start of construction of Homewood Grove in Surrey. This village is another example of the potential of Rangeford Villages to move quickly to save huge development costs through the Octopus Real Estate.

Kevin Beirne, the director, and retirement director at Octopus Real Estate concludes: housing crisis and lower the cost of living to live well in the next life. “

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