The Human Resources Department removed 499 beneficiaries from the Developers and Other Builders Program (BOCW) and transferred 14 people to job exchanges because they were legally registered as construction workers.

PAGE: Following Goa Lokayukta’s previous illegal order on fraud involving Covid-19 guards with the help of repair workers, the action was taken against the fraudsters, who informed the labor and employment department to the legislature.

The labor department removed 489 participants from the Builders and Other Builders (BOCW) program and transferred 14 people to job exchanges because they were “legally registered” as labor workers.

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Jennifer Monserrate told lawmakers that 477 recipients failed to submit documents to support their aspirations to become construction workers.

As a result, the department managed to return 12 people who did not qualify for assistance.

“Notice has been issued to all staff supervisors to appoint unregistered residents to the GBOCW Board,” Monserrate said in response to a written question posed by GFP president Vijay Sardesai.

He said, “Fourteen assistants were removed from the BoCW list to be transferred to the workplace because they failed to register under BOCW.” GFP was the first to close deportation funds to BOCW’s Covid-19 grant program.

GFP monitored the case with Goa Lokayukta and a day after he resigned when Goa Lokayukta ordered the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Judge (ret) PK Misra to investigate the case and give MOTSI to the parties.

As a result, Misra fired officials, politicians, and government officials and advised that they be referred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The BJP -led government has sent an investigator to the state-run Corruption Control Bureau.

The GFP says that the national government has used illegal funds to send money to BJP workers, including sarpanch and coastal plains.

Each recipient will not only receive Covid-19 assistance of Rs 6,000 but will also receive other benefits from April 2016.

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