Based on recent data from the Miami Association of Realtors, Lauderdale Broward County Florida has continued to see the number of real estate prices rise in September 2021 due to demand, the majority of US residents and companies are moving to South Florida, and mortgage lending is growing in business.

Broward County total sales increased 5.1% per annum in September 2021, from 2,984 sales to 3,136. Broward’s other business was down 3%, from 1,535 to 1,489. Broward sales increased by 13.7%, from 1,449 to 1,647.

“We continue to see real estate buyers from high-income, high-income countries move to Fort Lauderdale and Broward County for a long time,” said Broward-MIAMI President Patrick Simm. “Florida benefits without taxes or property taxes, but our lifestyle and economic growth are forcing home buyers to become permanent homes.”

Demand for Broward Condos Surges; Condo Sales Jump 13.7% Year-over-Year in September

Almost every week he announces a large LauderdaleAmerican company that can relocate its headquarters to South Florida or open offices here.

As more companies and individuals moved to our Lauderdale area last year, more and more real estate agents are using rental housing. Foreign investors have been interested in housing for a long time, there is a demand for land in South Florida and it is returning. Again in No. 1 of overseas customers.

Broward sells at full price by September 2021, with a sharp increase in real estate sales of $ 255.

Lack of data on some prices affects sales, especially in single-family homes. Further research is expected to reach the market by 2022 as the report satisfies and reveals their Lauderdale properties. Reducing the number of homeowners who are satisfied with a home loan requires further research.

Broward Luxury Sales Jump as Northeast and West Coast Buyers Move to Mega Region

One Broward family ($ 1-million-and-top) sales increased 26.6% per year to 181 sales in September 2021. Current Broward sales ($ 1-million-and-up) increased by 207.7% per year. . – 40 years in business.

3.4 months for one rental house; 6-month supply for affordable housing. Monthly purchases continue to fall for all types of products, monthly, and annually.

Low-interest rates; S&P 500 strong; raising developed wealth in an unsustainable economy; north-east taxpayers buying in Florida (excluding state tax); and ways to learn from home and learn far away together to create a strong market for expensive single-family items.

With global vaccinations and political instability circulating the world, South Florida is seeing an increase in foreign consumers. Buyers also come here to buy syringes and housing. Buyers around the world buy from Miami because Miami is the largest city in the world selling more places than any other city in the world. Foreign buyers feel at home in our diversity and embrace all cultures.

Broward single-family households increased from $ 400 to $ 777 per year to $ 8008 in sales by September 2021. Broward home sales of $ 460 to $ 600 increased by 125.8% to 140 sales.

More Inventory Expected to Arrive Later This Year for Low-Supply/High-Demand Market

The new Broward family jobs dropped by 9.7% to 1,589 from 1,879. The new number of condoms dropped by 13.7%, from 2,225 to 1,921.

The number of unmarried households declined by 28.2% per year in September 2021 from 3,234 employers last year to 2,323 last month. Condominium stock has dropped by 52.3% per year to 3,712 from 7,784 hired in the same period in 2020.

Months of search research were reduced from July 2019 to one family, indicating strong demand. Monthly data for single-family households decreased by 42.3% per 1.5 months, reflecting the consumer market. Retail sales have declined by 69.2% in the past two months, reflecting the consumer market. The equitable market between buyers and sellers offers six to nine months.

The employment rate at the end of September 2021 decreased by 45.2% per annum, from 11,018 to 6,035.

Nationally, the number of residential units at the end of September reached 1.27 million units, down 0.8% from August and down 13.0% from a year earlier. Unsold prices remained at a sales level of 2.4 months, declining 7.7% from August and declining from 2.7 months in September 2020.

Broward Homeowners’ Home Equity Continues Surging as Many Pay Lower Mortgage Payments

At very low prices, many homeowners in South Florida are improving their mortgages. So it is not just homeowners who are paying the lowest bills today; they do it as their wealth increases (equity building). The money can be used to buy housing improvements, college loans, and more.

Broward County secret prices increased by 17.5% per annum in September 2021, from $ 245 to $ 495. Prices available increased by 12.1% per annum, from $ 190,000 to $ 200 per year.

Broward prices rose in 2021 compared to the previous year one reason for the increase in annual prices.

Rising prices are a global phenomenon due to lower bank prices and job and education opportunities that have increased demand for housing. When research is lower than high demand, the cost goes up.

Lower mortgage prices have made it easier to buy real estate. According to Freddie Mac, the average volunteer’s 30-year, regular, fixed-term loan – was 2.90% in September, up from 2.84% in August. The overall target for 2020 is 3.11%.

If house prices continue to rise, property prices may decline. As retailers lease products in 2021, further research will have to keep pace with rising prices.

Miami is still a commercial hub compared to other cities in the world. In Miami, $ 1 million could be purchased to buy eighty-five feet of buildings, according to Knight Frank’s 2021 The Wealth Report. Monaco (15 square meters), Hong Kong (23), London (31), New York (34), and Geneva (35), among others, are providing $ 1 million worth of goods.

Broward Dollar Volume Totals $1.5 Billion, Showcasing Impact Housing Plays in Local Economy

Although some businesses have had problems in the past year, housing has strengthened the national and local economies. For two homes on sale in the US, one operation is performed. Broward dollar figures reflect the housing crisis in the local economy.

The full Broward accounts were $ 1.5 billion in September 2021. One-time reports increased 13.5% per year, from $ 890 to $ 391. The value of the Condo dollar increased by 38.1% per annum, from $ 388 to $ 466.

Broward Distressed Sales Keep Dropping, Reflecting Healthy Market

Only 0.9% of Broward’s real estate prices were cut last month, including REO (bank owners) and short sales, compared to 2.6% in September 2020.

Broward sales decreased by 63.3% per year in September 2021, from 79 to 29. Short-term sales and REOs rose 0.4% and 0.5% per year, therefore, Broward sales declined in September 2021. Prices had dropped by 22.2% per year and REOs had dropped by 75 .4%.

In the country, emergency sales were less than 1% of sales in September, the same as last month and the same in September 2020.

Broward Real Estate Attracting Multiple Bids, Buyers Going Over-List Price

The percentage of real estate prices available for single-family homes was 100 in September 2021, up 3% from 97.1% in the previous year. The average percentage of the original price available for conventional condominiums is 97.8%, up 2.7% from 95.2% last year.

The average number of days between rental days and Broward-single-family client contracts was thirteen days, down 38.1% from 21 days last year. The average real-time real estate sale is 56 days, a 16.4% reduction from 67 days last year.

The number of days between the rental date and the 19-day contract date has decreased by 55.8% from 43.% days to 86 days.

Broward Cash Sales 69.1% Higher than National Average in September 2021

Inflation accounted for 38.9% of Broward closed in September 2021, compared with 28.8% in September 2020. About 23% of US domestic sales were made in cash, according to recent data released from NAR.

The rising percentage of investors reflects the high profile of South Florida as a US real estate market. for foreign consumers, who often buy at full prices along with other mobile markets. U.S. retailers could buy more profits from local sales.

Cash sales accounted for 53.5% of Broward’s total sales and 22.7% of home sales.

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