The first homes were put on the market in the new East Hanney housing development.

Linden Houses are building The Nurseries ’48th home on the east side of Steventon Road in the village.

The developer, who is part of the Vistry Group, as well as Bovis Houses and Vistry Partnerships, is responsible for bringing in thirty-two private rental properties and sixteen affordable rental or shared properties.

The two, three, and two-bedroom will be built on a 6.6-acre site north of Steventon Road Nursery, following approval by the Vale White Horse Regional Council in November 2020.

George Stevens, sales manager at Vistry Cotswolds, said: “There has been a lot of interest in the new homes we have in kindergartens. The wonderful location, multiplied by the many desirable homes we have successfully delivered, has captured the interest of various customers in the local area. There was a strong sense of community here and we look forward to developing it in the coming months and years. “

As part of the development planning agreement, Linden Houses will be responsible for investing $ 500,000 in the development of local services, village schools, and roads under the Title 106 agreement.

The solution is to donate £ 275,000 to primary schools, £ 95,000 for affordable housing, and more than £ 49,000 for public transport.

Linden Homes also donated £ 52,000 to renovate motorways and more than £ 16,000 to promote and renovate public art in East Hanney Parliament.

The developer will also pay property tax of more than £ 500,000 as part of The Nursies ’planning agreement.

Nurseries offer a range of two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments starting at $ 325,000.

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