The biggest test took place this week when Evergrande paid $ 83.5 million in debt on March 2022 Thursday. Additional payments of $ 47.5 million will be made on September 29 for information in March 2024.

HONG KONG: China’s fear of the Evergrande Group’s failure has prompted investors to worry about the country’s economic risk from dumped Chinese stores and escape to warehouses on Monday. Shares of Evergrande, which had difficulty raising money to pay more to creditors, retailers, and retailers, closed 10.2% on Monday at HK $ 2.28, down 19% from a low in May 2010.

Officials warned that its $ 355 billion debt could damage China’s currency if its debt is not addressed.

The biggest test took place this week when Evergrande paid $ 83.5 million in debt on March 2022 Thursday. Payments were made on August 29, 2024, for the $ 47.5 million.

Not all debts will be repaid if Evergrande is unable to collect interest within 30 days of the scheduled payment dates.

In any unfortunate case, the face sitting between Evergrande, a panic attack, a skin injury, or the possibility of a Beijing attack must be rejuvenated. The Evergrande crisis has also strengthened the commodity market, with China Sinic Holdings describing Hong Kong as less than 87% small, deducting $ 1.5 billion from the market value of the deal before it ends.

Evergrande management is working to support these business plans, including paying farmers for their property.

“(Evergrande Stock) continues to decline, as there is no solution that seems to help the company eliminate its risk, and there is still a lot of uncertainty about the reasons for this.

He tells him that Evergrande shares could fall below HK $ 1 if they are forced to sell most of their assets during the campaign.

As a sign of the impending market crisis, global equities have fallen and the issue has worsened as more money has been raised through the global financial system.

Dollar news

Although there is much concern about the future of high-quality commodity development, the data has been compared to the collapse of the US investment bank. 2008 Lehman Brothers.

He said: “Initially, the debt may recover, but the main debt lies with joint ventures, ETFs and other Chinese companies, not banks or other financial institutions.” CONTACT Dean well.

He said: “Lehman Brothers did the same with every book fund.” “Secondly, we think that in the event of a mistake, it would be better for the Chinese government to be involved.”

Chinese lawmakers have asked large Evergrande companies to pay interest or loans, but market analysts are most skeptical that a direct departure from the government may be impossible.

The People’s Bank of China, the central bank, and the central bank saw Evergrande’s leaders take unusual action in August, warning that it must reduce and prioritize its debts. The company’s bond sales reflect some expectations for investors this year.

The stock traded 8.25% in March 2022 at 29,156 cents on Monday, gaining more than 500%, compared to 13.7% at the beginning of the year. The 9.5% debt in March 2024 was 26.4 cents, gaining more than 80%, compared to 14.6% at the beginning of 2021.

Damage to real estate

Goldman Sachs said last week that because Evergrande has parental planning and legal debt, the resuspension could vary between the two credits groups, and could help in implementation.

Meanwhile, workers are increasingly worried about the crisis, especially in China’s debt crisis, linked to the Yuan under intense pressure on Monday.

The yuan fell three weeks below $ 6.4831 in foreign currency.

A Hong Kong critic who saw the majority of its sales valued at about $ 700 million in the company in June 2022, including $ 246 million payable in one month – the bill dropped to $ 88.

Sinic is in Fitch’s worst situation, thinking of a bad Friday.

For other investments like Sunac, China’s total revenue declined by 10.5%, while Greentown China and government support pushed 6.7%.

Guangzhou R&F Properties Co. said. On Monday, they raised $ 200,000 by lending to shareholders and selling the company, forcing them to fight for money as the signs of the crisis intensified.

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