DF Capital’s Management raised $ 322 million (€ 305.7 million) in its current US housing fund.

The chairman said that the DF Residential II fund, which exceeded $ 250 million, received donations from about 100 investors, led by several investors in the organizations.

DF Capital’s said Fund II is investing in residential areas to provide builders with built-in plots to build access spaces, adding that the fund’s “value proposition” will be increased “through a partnership between DF Capital and Dream Finders Homes.

Chris Butler, head of DF Capital Management, said: “Although homeowners face the same problem of availability and rising prices are affecting many businesses today, the market value remains strong.

“Housing availability is still low and the good population in your target market is set to continue to grow. We believe our proposal is an attractive way to re-invest in this changing world for one family to exist.”

Patrick Zalupski, CEO and founder of Dream Finders Homes, said: “Using partners like DF Capital can make Dream Finders Homes a great home builder, while our colleagues with different investment goals get them; back. It’s good for everyone.

“Over the past five years, we have built an excellent partnership with DF Capital, which has helped us accelerate our business.”

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