“Thousands of people like us are the main source of rent money. There is no need to take property tax with us in these difficult times,” Rao said.

BENGALURU: After Gujarat stopped property taxes and repaired electricity installments in some parts of the year, businesses and citizens of Karnataka urged the President, BS Yediyurappa, to make similar donations to help deal with the financial crisis associated with Covid.

 This is Chandrasekhar Rao, a former resident of 4 Jahangir Block. Rao and his wife relied heavily on the tenants they received in their home before the representative left the building and returned to his home.

 There is no need to take property tax with us in these difficult times,” Rao said.

On Tuesday, Gujarat Minister Vijay Rupani announced plans to assist hotels, guest houses, restaurants, storage facilities, cinemas, gymnasiums, and retail outlets. The Karnataka government did not respond to similar requests for permission. Bengaluru public offices are not satisfied with tax evasion.

“It gives a lot of money for BBMP. Prayer really brings the group together. Costs have dropped since the Covid system and other taxes dropped due to the lock. In that case, why not take out property tax? Said the executive director of BBMP.

BBMP collects an amount of 2,700 in total as property tax annually. The current collection for 2021-22 currently stands at Rs 1,323 crore. BBMP has extended the payment period by five installments until June 30.

In August last year, Banashankari K Gurudhatta was arrested in the high court for property tax. At the time, the federal government said they needed the money to be able to provide health services and necessities to residents at the time of death. While businesses and citizens also suffered after the second quarter, retailers asked the government to look at tax cuts and exclude them from other costs.

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