Forcing their problem, homeowners complain that there is a delay in completing the renovation of the houses due to the lack of maintenance and implementation by the free section.

GURUGRAM: A group of residents and buyers of multi-city buildings working in the Badshapur city, under the banner of the Federal Association of Cheap Buyers (FABA), met on Sunday with the MLA of Badshapur Rakesh Daultabad and asked for help in the alleged case against the Inexpensive Housing Policy in 2013.

Forcing their problem, homeowners complain about delays in building expensive homes, and review inefficiencies with the tangible department. They also said, with farmers, that they should increase funding during their camps to increase the burden.

Deepak Kumar, president of FABA and a resident of Pyramid Urban house, said, “Affectors were not paid by the developers to become temporary owners. This is a payment plan. In addition, manufacturers save because consumers spend money, they are not sure.

Manoj Yadav, a resident of AVL 36, said, “Designers make their version and find flaws in the building code. We have filed a lawsuit. The MLA is intervening in this matter because it does not harm us.

Meanwhile, Badshapur Daultabad has assured residents and homebuyers that they will take the matter to the relevant office of the authorities to resolve their complaints.

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