Bihar Tax Minister: Hi-tech underground record rooms are everywhere nearby

Ministry of Taxation and Land Reform Ram Surat Kumar said the construction was built in 1955 in areas in the country for a purpose.

PATNA: The Department of Revenue and Land Development will create more functional public education housing by the end of this month. Approximately 16 types of national records related to services can be obtained at a lower cost from these facilities.

State tax office and national tax office Ram Surat Kumar said the construction was deliberately built at 102 places out of 556 places in the country.

“The department plans to finalize the data by the end of this month. The site will be added to the remaining columns over time. The fund will be divided into more than 450 regions,” he told a nearby newspaper.

The services operate from convenient data center facilities that include certified copies of the band, Haitian, records, map, and habitat as well as other country names. Currently, references to other databases and databases can be obtained from the district registry office or a small registry office.

The minister said the department was also preparing to provide adequate information about up to 2 lakhs of water in the district. Water lets are available for this purpose. “Bihar will be first in India and second in the United States when the nuclear arsenal is completed,” he said.

And again, the department also decided to provide a ground control site. Under the program, a review/subscription is available online.

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