The bench noted that except Patna, the company has committed crimes against clients in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha.

PATNA: Bihar’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) requires the federal government to set up an independent group of various organizations to ensure that real estate companies repay money to buy profits and profits or to make a living. Reserved location or building. Registered and donated property to named persons.

Bench chairman Naveen Verma and members of RB Sinha and Nagpur Banerjee made the above statement on Monday when they heard several allegations against the Shine City Infra Private Limited program, and it is alleged that their executives fled Dubai after the scam. Several people were unable to register the names even if you took the money to oppose the Naubatpur housing project in Patna.

The bench noted that except Patna, the company had committed similar offenses against soft-spoken clients in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha.

The bank has asked all complainants who wish to bring an AMI to approach the Criminal Police (EOU) SP with all information and documents relating to the business and their thoughts on RERA.

The bank encouraged the Bihar DGP to set up a research team dedicated to solving the problem and assessing the potential for assistance from central research agencies such as operational management of fear of culture.

He also instructed the secretary of RERA to send a letter to the DGP containing the details of these cases so that the UAE can be issued by sellers who oppose the company.

The bank also asked the secretary of RERA to discuss the matter with the company secretary of Luck now to find out about the company.

He also referred a retired police officer specializing in dealing with economic crimes to investigate complaints from more than 90 people, who had paid to buy property is manufactured by the company Naubatpur but have never supplied lots.

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