So far, only builders claim to have received a “letter of removal” or CC for the home without confirmation from anyone.

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRera) has advised home builders to inform their clients about their permits.

So far, only builders claim to have received a “letter of removal” or CC for the home without confirmation from anyone.

For example, only the state in which the builder is licensed by state authorities. CC can only be reduced to a brick-level or a new storage floor.

“The real estate agent feels that CC wants the whole house. This may not be the case for most projects,” RERA said.

On Monday, the RERA office released most of Ajoy Mehta, saying the builders needed to clarify the details they saw on the CC.

“It should be noted that while the full project certificate is available, most of the time other licenses are available in stages, such as proper HSE / zero / or book launch. Tested at a specific floor level. Know the wise saying. It was decided to send a notice to the manager (manufacturer) to check exactly what the certificate of origin looks like so that customers are aware, “Garbage said.

Developers must submit a notification form and submit it to the CC when registering the project.

In a recent follow-up, RERA asked owners to provide clarification to customers on fraudulent activity. “To avoid a lot of contact with the apartment/pot, the information should be provided immediately after the sale or investment,” he said.

Mehta also asked manufacturers to carefully list their customers as well as their logic signals when applying for a different license. First, they leave with a bad grade or bad paper when their plans are recorded.

The builder needs the consent of at least 51% of the applicants if the project completion date is to be extended. Authorization is now required for names, landlines, and signatures.

The development team also emphasizes that if inspectors want to change the floor plan, design, or make any major changes in passing their plans, they need the approval of two-thirds of the board. People paint houses at work.

Each of them must sign their name and promotional numbers in the ad for the book. The production contract specifies the materials in the initial construction and any new modifications desired by the designer.

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