Residents described the transfer as illegal, and they said the criminal punishment and negligence of the DTCP offender who licensed the offender would not be right.

GURUGRAM: Residents of the city of Ardeen are concerned about the ban on transfer covers in the colony after the property city and state agency (DTCP) issued a personal permit this week. Residents described the transfer as illegal, and they said they should not be punished for personal crimes by ignoring the DTCP, which gave that person’s consent.

They had to control the sale of the property to its owners and sell it to the public because their debt had already been paid. They advise the government to sue the builder and the school’s DTCP office. This option also applies to those who are responsible for purchasing the building. The residents of the branch office made a special decision before granting permission to the builder.

The RWA has already referred the matter to the local deputy and deputy commissioner and asked for help in this matter. We bought the building here because it was an approved building. The DTCP sent an OC to our area and the property buildings are listed. It needs to be processed. And the DTCP because the license was external and now revoked.

The description of these buildings should only be checked if they are for sale. Why should citizens be punished for violations by the department and its owner,” Chaitali Malhotra asked and agreed to meet with the TCP DG as soon as possible?

TCP DG KM Pandurang said: “This decision was made by the law if the manufacturer was appointed in time. However, we take into account the great uncertainty.” There is a contradiction between builders and owners. . Therefore, the name of the country is not clear. “

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