63 months

The DHFL Director has filed a $ 45,000 IBC Section 66 lawsuit against DHFL sponsors and individuals for lying to creditors.

NEW DELHI: The 63-month-old technician said Tuesday he would challenge the National Court of Justice (NCLT) order, which would allow the Piramal group to submit DHFL to the Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Code and say the conventional decision was contrary to the law and violates the rights of DHFL lenders, including those with NCD.

The DHFL Director has filed a $ 45,000 IBC Section 66 lawsuit against DHFL sponsors and individuals for lying to creditors.

The 63-year-old’s dispute over 45,000 lots should come from bogus parties is a question of debt. However, the design order is written in a way that engages the Piramal Group applicant (s), allowing you to reap the rewards of publisher funding.

The establishment of Re 1 applies to bogus governments where claims of more than fifty billion crores (45,000 crores) raise an economic breach (Piramal) cost by lenders.

Piramal’s only question for the current value of DHFL does not include this false value. And, for many reasons, payments should be limited to lenders, he said.

63 months, detained Rs. 200 crore DHFL (NCDn) payday loan, filed a complaint with NCLT-Mumbai asking for money from the sale of Rs. The 45,000 crore funded by DHFL regulations under Article 66 of the IBC has the right to go to lenders, including those affected by NTMs, but not to the consumer.

Surprisingly, DHFL’s conventional solution allowed Piramal to buy the business by paying only $ 37,500 crore against the remaining 85,000 crore debt. In addition, Piramal is expected to be awarded a total of more than 45,000 crores by bidding estimating the available funds and the usefulness of Re 1.

63 months has shown that conventional solutions have removed people with NCD to the point they can cause more harm than any other affected party. Some credit committee members, including banks, use sponsors while the NCD has a contractual agreement.

“People with NCD will end up with 65-75% dry hair if they report wrong actions in the future that will allow them to go to applicants for a decision, halfway through birth. And the debt,” he said aniya.

“If the 63-month NCLT challenge is successful, it will go to all the banks in the credit committee and surprisingly they will take evidence to participate in the settlement. In no time, the bank has satisfied 37,500 cranes. Piramal’s offer with a repayment term spanning more than 7 years, as it includes claims charges of more than 45,000 crores, will be legally payable. “

The company said I was awaiting a copy of the law and would consider its options following advice from its legal counsel.

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