Unlike in the past, 2020-21 has seen private farmers invest by focusing on marketing activities in the city and many other things, as opposed to projects or cities. Such school association’s account for 73% of the total, with $ 4,800 added to portfolios in most cities.

Despite the difficulties caused by the collapse of Covid19, property sales in India reported 19% per annum in private sector budgets for the financial year 2020-21 to more than $ 6.2 billion, in fact.

Unlike in the past, 2020-21 has seen private farmers invest by focusing on urban marketing activities and many other things, rather than projects or cities. Such home travel associations accounted for 73% of the total, with $ 4,800.

The average number of personal tickets has increased 62% in the current business year – from $ 110 million in FY20 to $ 178 million in FY21. Legal and financial loans showed strong 84% year-on-year growth. Planned loans focus more on airline costs than on project costs.

“It is clear that foreign trade is detrimental to India. Higher rental prices over the years have attracted the interest of foreign farmers. And I repeat, India is very demanding of high-quality office space and staff and the tax rate is less than one dollar per square foot of M.Mt per month, ”said Shobhit Agarwal, MD & CEO-ANAROCK Capital.

While FY21 was an unexpected year due to this outbreak, foreign funds showed a lot of hope in India. As much as 93% of India’s private investment is made by foreigners. In fact, foreign direct investment was nearly $ 5.8 billion in FY21 compared to $ 300. In contrast, housing and land investment were only $ 300 million compared to $ 420 million in FY20.

According to Agarwal, the successful listing of REITs has provided a good opportunity to generate money for entrepreneurs, driven by high demand for the sale of office space and high-rise equipment. Good entry rates as well as the option to pool beneficial combinations in the portfolio also drive this increase in outdoor agriculture.

Over the years, private funds like Blackstone and Brookfield have invested heavily in their portfolios, and some have done NBFC loan flights.

Among other things, the work of product groups such as retail, retail, and hotels is very good. Although the high bifurcation produced by the instrument indicates a low rate, when evaluated with portfolio activity, the performance of this group is strong.

About 66% of the total $ 6.27 billion in FY21 as part of aircraft operations in most asset classes. In contrast, in FY20, from $ 5.28 billion, only 8% of total debt.

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