NHB advised the company to pay a fine of $ 80,000, including GST, for failing to comply with finance laws in 2015, PNB Housing Finance said in a statement. Rule of Tuesday.

NEW DELHI: The National Bank has ordered a tax on PNB of $ 80,000, for non-compliance with the terms of the loan in 2015. However, the company has submitted a regulatory order to justify this penalty.

In a letter dated June 11, advised the company to pay $ 80,000 and GST for non -compliance with mortgage regulations in 2015, PNB Housing said. The funds did not enforce the law on Tuesday.

Repayment of loans associated with the Push ban and Chaitraban projects in the small town of Pune, promoted and developed by DSK.

“The company reported the matter to NHB on June 14, 2021, to review the penalties in this matter that NHB faced in October 2019 and issued warning recommendations,” PNB Housing said in a statement.

GNP real estate shares closed on Tuesday at Rs 738.05 on the BSE, down 4.99% from the previous close.

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