We need 50 percent less of our money if we want to generate a lot of money. We now have 85 million and by the time we reach the desired number, we will have the money, Gupta said.


NEW DELHI: After suffering losses a few years ago, Ashok Gupta, vice president of Shalimar Paints, is very hopeful of making money in the second or third quarter of this financial year. 2019-20.

In an interview with a kit Sharma of ET Realty, Gupta talked about the company’s transformation in the last few areas and how to shape the company’s future. Organized information:

How was the April-June 2019 quarter for you?

This is a good tribe for us. We can see the Rs 85 million tax which is an increase of around 65% over the previous quarter. Ehezve Q4 2018 was a very tough quarter for us, by the way, the episode didn’t show the whole thing. If I take a quarter, the amount will increase.

On the other hand, Shalimar reported a loss of Rs 5.35 million in the quarter ended June 2019. It saw a loss of Rs 14.76 million in Q1 FY19. Why do companies incur losses? And do you see a change in the situation in the future?

Shalimar Paints since the last half of Q4 2019 has been in very bad shape. We didn’t have money to work and we were in a difficult situation and didn’t have enough money to meet our daily needs.

The money came in actual print form in January 2019 and since then we’ve been trying to fly. This is the first quarter when we are with EBITDA, so the advantage for us is that we know the loss of its performance.

We have a free payment of Rs 1.5 million which must be covered without moral damages. So in this next quarter or quarter, we will see that we have money.

Noise is the cause of damage. Our numbers have dropped dramatically. We need at least fifty dollars to make a lot of money. We are now generating money totaling 85 million and in a few minutes after reaching the required amount, we will get a lot of money.

But why is the company’s money falling so much? Is it because of love?

As we have said, the demand for us should increase and due to the increase in internal content, things need to be discussed. Years ago, the company suffered losses, unsatisfactory work or unsatisfactory equipment, or uncomfortable character, so there were a lot of problems to come. We faced this problem together and fortunately, the demand for paint did not decrease.

I would say that many things can be handled internally and secondary as in any form, the demand in any form is gradually increasing. Since the demand for the name has dropped so much, it will take some time to get it back. We will see that there is a quarterly growth rate behind the machine but not too fast to make a profit in terms of wages vs. Maybe in a few months we’ll get there.

What is the most useful part of Shalimar color?

As part of the industry we provide home protective paints, soaps, plumbing, we refer to them as protective devices, which provide about 35% of our income. The second part is decoration. Among these decorations, we have enamels that are widely used in metal, wood, and doors. This produces another 20-25% share. Then we have the desire, which is used in manufacturing, to achieve 25-30% more.

Next, what activities do you think will drive your growth?

There are three categories we look at – protective clothing. The second is the interior cover of the house and the third is the selective cover.

Are there areas you would like to add?

We are very strong in the north and east, so we hope to be able to extend our legs to the south and west. Therefore, our growth comes from the south and the west. Gujarat, Maharashtra is our main focus. In Maharashtra, the Shirdi, Nashik, and Pune belts are seen.

Do you want to improve your skills?

We now have a company where I can increase my income from 85-90 million to 200 million a month, so I’m not looking for expansion but just want to add skills.

Are there any additions or improvements to the company’s existing products or components?

Over the past few years, we have focused on the deluxe area and the industrial sector. Going forward we will see big projects like trains, OKU, and others. If we don’t look at it for a while, we focus on big projects.

We don’t put our feet up anywhere but wherever we get well-being that lowers the price.

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