Over time, there are investors, who not only get better profits but are also covered by tenants.

In an interview with ET Now, Rajeev Talwar, CEO, DLF, said initial plans to launch the SPV are expected to be completed in the first quarter of the next financial year. Details:

ET Now: Give us some advice on what the new DLF housing bill means?

Rajeev Talwar: Property is a reliable tool in itself. This gives you the usual money and worries in case the guy is tall and tall. That’s cheese. As time goes on, there are investors, who not only get good returns but also better ones. As I’ve mentioned before, with elements increasing in value at a long-term rate comparing themselves to them, we think that’s a good part and there’s a lot of interest in the volume. Outdoor farming. Enabling the cultivation of foreign crops helps the cultivation of foreign crops that can flow into the country. Therefore, the return of REIT and investment in infrastructure may be higher than we expect due to the additional investment costs allowed by foreign investment. Overall, this is an excellent process.

ET Now: Now most of your flights are probably coming because of the REIT as we expect to sign up in the first half of the next six months because you’ve signed an NDA and negotiated with the vendor for another process as well. Please explain your plan.

Rajeev Talwar: During the press conference, we announced that almost 30 million companies are shrinking and the plan is to start investing with foreign investors in one of the existing companies. There, owners bring their money to SPVs and SPVs while there are DLLs and other outside vendors that would consider being under a REIT. As you well said, we hope this first project will set the SPV for completion in the first two quarters of the next financial year.

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