April 7 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

France Media has a dedicated website that holds the position of industry players in negotiating Payment Standards in Brightness and Design Your Members. The debate will address issues and trends in the region, why big companies are becoming part of the industry, and where things can go from here. Join us on April 7 and 2:00 pm EDT.

Discussion topics:

• How are Market-Position-Payment (SFR) and Build-Pay-Pay (BFR) markets defined? What are the single market numbers/sizes for each individual?

Why is the potential for SFR / BFR growing? What are the living conditions? What are the strongest markets?

• Where is the SFR / BFR tax code, and what is the new supply chain?

How does the return of the Gen Y number and the outcome of COVID-19 affect the growth of each market?

Why is money in the sky growing at such a rapid rate?

• Who are the key players and how do they enter the Singles-Home and Build-For-single Rent market?

Phone Speaker:

• Keaton Merrell, General Manager, Walker & Dunlop

• Jonathan Ellen Zweig, Chief Investment Officer, Tricon Center

• Don Walker, Head of Administration and CFO, John Burns Consulting

• Mark Peterson, Payment Home (BFR) Director at SVN | Scrub Advisor

• David Howard, Director, National Rental Home Council, Moderator

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