Better understand the responsibility to outsource the management and administration of construction projects to professional site managers.

With the reduction of in-house competencies, builders of public and private building projects outsource the management and administration of their building projects to managers of professional building brokers. Professional building managers can help protect owners from the liability of other project participants, as building managers are often more competent and qualified than the owner’s staff to handle complaints properly.

Owners may have higher expectations of the services provided by site managers, including the adequacy and accuracy of cost estimates, planning, review of plans, value analysis, complaint handling, payment, security, testing, and termination after the use of site managers. Rising expectations cannot lead to disappointment if expectations are not met.

One disappointment that can affect anyone on a construction project can lead to costly and time-consuming litigation. This topic will help construction professionals better understand the role of construction managers in managing construction projects. A better understanding of the role of site managers leads to better contracts, better expectations, and better working relationships between all parties involved. This information is important to anyone willing or able to get involved in a construction project through the use of professional construction management agents.

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