Wednesday, October 6, 2021

10:00 am to 3:30 pm ET

The 17th annual Montréal Real Estate Strategy & Leasing Conference returns on Wednesday, May 6, with an exciting program that will explore the key issues, trends, and challenges facing viral marketing, organizations, and market marketing.

Many landlords, vendors, vendors, business owners, and attorneys need to change and reconsider the management and reward of their homes.

Now he is back in the office. Are you ready?

While companies are considering getting back to work, many don’t have the resources to deal with these trends. A recent survey shows that most companies rely on monitoring (68%) and employees (58%) to manage office space, while more than one in five companies still relies on your senior board to decide where and where employees are needed. come back

Even if this meeting did not take place from the office, they were required to return to the office for the next group of things to stop and run again.

A timely meeting will be an important tool to provide information on best practices and new practices introduced in recent months.

The Montreal Real Estate Strategy and Leasing Conference — reduced from its usual duration – will be characterized by the quality of the speakers and the value of the content. This program reflects the skills and characteristics of the developers as well as the selected opportunities for the websites.

The conference structure was successfully hosted by Information Connect, which hosted the Montreal Building Conference, the Quebec Residential Investment Conference as well as 16 other conferences in Canada.

You can see why Montreal remains one of the best stores in Canada even because of this disease.

We hope you enjoyed this unique opportunity to support and sell the high-quality well-informed conference program together with decision-makers.

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